WHY IS WATER SO IMPORTANT? - Landscaping in Durbanville Blog
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The water crisis in the Western Cape has everyone thinking about the future, and whether there will be enough water to sustain us into the New Year of 2018. It is important to understand that water does not only have an effect on us, but there are external aspects that are being affected by this drought we are experiencing. Let us begin to note that water is a large part of agriculture. The concept of agriculture is predominantly related to the science of farming, as well the cultivation of the soil, the growing of crops, and the sustainability of animals. These areas of agriculture utilize water in various ways that help sustain the human-race.

We depend on agriculture to survive. It should be known that in order for plants to grow and create oxygen for the survival of humans, the plants need water. In order to the animals to survive, as well as the sustainability of animal procreation, they need water. Water is an essential part of living and non-living species. If there is not enough water, the cycle of agriculture is significantly in danger. There are various ways in which one can save water, but it is something that is overlooked. Many discuss the impact of the water crisis, but many do not do anything to preserve water. It is simple as following the instructions and actions that have been laid out. The Western Cape government has implemented various plans of actions in order to slow down water consumption in order to preserve water for the future. We need to gather as a community in order to help educate those who are not paying attention to the potential damages from recklessly using water. In order to find out more about these strategies, you can click here to find out who you can contribute to saving agriculture.

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