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Hanging flower baskets are such pretty things that can make a place look so attractive instantly. Whether you choose to beautify your front porch or want to make your backyard all flowery, hanging flower baskets are great to have anywhere around. Yellow, orange, red, pink, white, purple and more, you can have multiple flowers colors hanging around your home. If you are fond of gardening and have a greater passion for creating your own hanging garden, we have few easy tips just for you. Here are they :-

Get your hanging garden requirements

Whether you are looking to create a big or small hanging garden, the first things you should get are the gardening stuffs. You should get baskets, gardening tools, fertilizers, scissors, watering pot and more, to start your hanging garden. Getting all these gardening tools and other stuffs are pretty easy from the local gardening shop or even at a shopping mall.

Pick your gardening baskets

Every gardener is different. And each have unique preferences when it comes to choosing their perfect baskets. There are a variety of gardening baskets available in different designs in the market. You can choose cane, steel, mud or wooden gardening baskets, so that you can create your perfect hanging garden.

Choose your plants

You have already chose your baskets and now it’s time to choose your favorite plants. There are a wide range of flower plants and herbs including Forget Me Not, Hanging Petunia, Begonia, Asparagus Fern, and Spider Plant, you can pick your plants as per your individual taste.

Start planting

As soon as you have fixed your plants, start the process of planting them. First, place a liner in the basket and fill with compost almost half of the basket. Then add the necessary fertilizer, remember to buy a common fertilizer so that you can use in all the baskets even with different flower plants. After that, plant the flower plants’ roots in the mud about an inch and a half deep. Attending the plants are very important, water and attend to your plants regularly.

Hang your flower baskets

Once you are done with the planting process, you can think about hanging them. For that, you can choose brackets or wires to hang your baskets. You get them at market, wires are sometimes already attached to the baskets itself. After fixing wires, you can hang your flower baskets on the brackets and make your home very attractive and sweet.

Look after your flower baskets

Hanging garden definitely looks beautiful but to maintain that look, it needs to be taken care of. You will need to regularly water them, clean and fix any damage, to make your hanging flower basket look pretty.

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