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Take a look at these useful tips that will make gardening easier. When it’s easier, it’s even more fun!

  • Water your plants early or later in the day. Water deeper and less often. This preserves water and is better for the plant. Use a watering can or a wand with an adjustable head. Blasting a plant with too much water pressure can do damage.
  • Use a good, quality mulch. This helps prevent weeds and preserves moisture for your plants.
  • Did you know you can use newspapers as weed barrier? Simply apply 3” of mulch over a layer of newspapers. Newspapers will simply biodegrade.
  • To prevent your patio containers or hanging baskets from drying out, use disposable diapers or sponges to line the container.
  • Remember to fertilize – approximately every two weeks – with a liquid fertilizer. If you are short on time, you can use a slow release fertilizer and fertilize less often.
  • Did you know you can use your egg shells as fertilizer for your plants? Not only do they fertilize, they also prevent slugs from infesting your plants.
  • Use a wheeled caddy for your patio pots or container gardens. It makes moving them much easier.
  • Small weeds are easier to pull than large. Using a pre-emergent herbicide early will save you time later. (Do not use pre-emergent fertilizer in places where you are starting plants from seed.)
  • When choosing an annual or perennial, consider how much sun the plant needs vs. how much sun is available in the place you want to plant it. A plant that needs full sun will not do well in a shady area. The tag included with each plant will tell you if it should be planted in a sunny or shady area.
  • Maintenance is important. If you are consistent with weeding, fertilizing, watering and mulching, your garden will thrive and take less time. A small weed is easier to pull than a large one.

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