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Whether you decide to pay for a professional to handle your landscape services or do it on your own, there can be a lot to do right as winter wanes. Here are just a few of the ways that you can get your yard looking green and gorgeous.

Clear out Any Old or Dead Plants

Before you start planting new flowers or watering your lawn for the first time, it’s important to clean out any dead foliage that might be covering your lawn and flower beds. If you don’t, your plants could have a hard time receiving the sunlight and water that they need in order to grow.

Prep Your Lawn

Once all of the dead plants have been cleared away, it’s time to prepare your lawn for the necessary treatments. The best way to do that is by mowing it. This will get rid of any of the dead edges and allow them to better receive the nutrition through the fertilizer.

Aerate and Fertilize

After your lawn is cleared of debris and cut short, it’s time to aerate. Aeration is an excellent way to boost the oxygen consumption of your lawn. In this process, deep holes are punched into the soil. This makes it easier for water and sunlight to soak into the roots of the lawn and trees. Nutrients and vitamins are then absorbed by the plants. Then, it’s time to fertilize. By delivering the right type of growth-boosting food to your lawn, your grass will grow in green and thick.

Prune Trees and Bushes

If you notice any dead branches on your bushes or trees, be sure to trim them away immediately. Otherwise, you’ll need to do a routine pruning right before the spring sets in. This will help trees and bushes remain healthy. It can also help with growth control and ensure that specific trees blossom and bloom.

Examine Your Irrigation System

Once you have everything in your yard trimmed and fertilized, it’s time to test out the water. If there are any leaks in the system, it’s important to take note of that before the heat hits. Run a few sprinkler cycles and examine each watering head to ensure that everything is working correctly. You may need to make adjustments depending on what you notice.

Water Accordingly

Once you have ensured that your irrigation system is working correctly, it’s time to water your landscaping. Make sure that you are giving your plants the necessary water, even if it’s not hot outside. This will allow them to grow and flourish starting from the beginning of spring.

Invest in a Professional Service

Instead of preparing your yard for the warm weather and then maintaining it, consider hiring the work out. Professional landscaping companies are well-equipped to take your yard and make it beautiful. Plus, it takes the guesswork out of pruning and fertilizing.

From watering to aerating, it’s important to care for your yard early in the year. If you have questions about certain aspects of yard care, consider hiring a company that specializes in landscape services. Its staff will be able to answer any questions that you might have. With a company’s help, your yard can look like the personal oasis of your dreams.

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