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Drip irrigation is an ideal way to water a row of plants or vegetable beds or even flower beds; because it delivers a precise amount of water exactly where you need it without over watering.

I want to take the benefits of drip irrigation, add it to houseplants, and here’s what I came up with. All you need is an empty plastic bottle and drill an eighth-inch diameter hole in the cap, and that is the drip irrigation system right there.

So, you go to your houseplant and get a stick or a screwdriver, and make a little bit of a hole in the back of the pot—just enough to stick the neck of the bottle in there. This also works, by the way, with wine bottles—you can drill hole in the cork.

And you take the bottle, force it upside down in the hole, right in the soil. And there you go. Now that will very slowly drip a little bit of water each minute or two into the soil and keep it nice and moist.

This is ideal for watering plants when you’re on vacation or if you’re just away for few days. And when you come back your plants will be nice and hydrated, lush, and as green as ever.


Article written By - Joe Truini

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